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Celebrating the beauty of imperfections with Gold & Behold

Celebrating the beauty of imperfections with Gold & Behold

We are delighted to share our recent collaboration with Gold & Behold, who transformed a few of our broken ceramic pieces into works of art. This collaboration is particularly meaningful to us because it embodies our core ethos of appreciating the beauty of handcrafted goods and every unique imperfection.

We first connected with Winnie, the artist and founder of Gold & Behold, at Boutique Fairs Singapore, where an attendee of her Modern Kintsugi workshop had brought in a broken cup and coaster set from KRA to work on.

When a few of our pieces were damaged in transit during our last shipment, we knew Winnie was the perfect artist to upcycle and breathe new life into them. Discover more about the magic of Kintsugi and Winnie's artistry in our exclusive interview.

 A damaged Talay Round Coffee Set mended with gold resin at Winnie's Modern Kintsugi workshop.

Kintsugi is more than just an art form to me — it’s a philosophy and a way of life. I love how the teachings of Kintsugi can be applied to various social causes, such as embracing imperfections, raising breast cancer awareness, and promoting mental wellness and body inclusivity. I’m humbled and happy to be a part of the narrative that uses the Kintsugi philosophy to advocate and raise funds for various social causes.

Winnie pieced together tiny fragments from different wares to spell the Mandarin word, Fa, which means prosperity in this artwork. (Image c/o Winnie)

It’s safe to assume that all broken ceramics can be salvaged through Modern Kintsugi. But if a ware is broken into too many small pieces, I give these tiny broken fragments a new lease of life via an artwork or accessories like rings and earrings.

Standing at 21cm tall and 30cm wide. this Mema Studio lamp had to be hugged while being gently restored. (Image c/o Winnie)

My favourite Modern Kintsugi project was restoration work for a handmade designer lamp from Mema Studio. It was especially treasured by my client as it was no longer in production. 

It felt impossible to fix in the beginning — it was heavy, the ceramic walls were very thick, and there were also cracks and missing fragments. I had to work on it for 12 hours straight, but I absolutely LOVE the end result! 

With a little patience and gold resin, Winnie breathed new life into our Andaman Free-Form Cup and Coaster Set that was damaged in transit.

Kintsugi has taught me to embrace imperfections, the highs and lows in our everyday life, and to acknowledge that life is 50:50. We can’t be 100% all the time. My goal for this year is to be intentional and energetically aligned. With public and corporate workshop commitments, as well as running Gold & Behold and the studio upkeep, it’s tough to take a break whenever I want. But I am getting better at listening to my body now, and will make sure I rest when my body and soul feels tired to avoid burnouts. Wednesdays and Sundays are my rest days, during which I take myself out on solo dates, spend time with my family and friends, read, binge-watch shows, enjoy a facial, and cook myself a wholesome meal!

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