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3 Festive napkin ideas

3 Festive napkin ideas

Looking for a special touch to complete your festive tablescape? 

Consider a beautifully folded napkin — it’s practical and can be easily styled alongside your handmade ceramics collection for all meals and celebrations.

We’ve put together 3 easy-to-do napkin folds for you to dress up your place settings during the holiday season.

1. Pocket Fold 

Unfussy, functional, and elegant


    1. Fold a square napkin in half.

    2. Bring open ends towards the middle. This will serve as a pocket for your silverware or place cards.

    3. Fold the napkin into quarters, with the ends tucked under.

    4. Tuck silverware into pocket. Add sprigs of Christmas greens for a festive touch, if desired.

    2. Christmas Tree Fold

    A seasonal conversation starter


    1. Fold a square napkin till it’s a quarter of its original size. 

    2. Lay napkin in a diamond shape with the open corner on top.

    3. Fold each layer of the open corner downwards to meet the opposite end, staggering them in a descending order.

    4. Flip the napkin over so that the back is facing you. 

    5. Fold the left and right corners inwards to form a kite shape.

    6. Flip the napkin over again so that it is front side up.

    7. Rotate the napkin so that the kite shape is upside down.

    8. Tuck each corner of the staggered layers inwards.

    9. Fold the bottom underneath the napkin.

    10. Complete the look with a Christmas ornament or a star-shaped place card.


    3. Classic Napkin Pinch

    Foolproof and comes together in a flash


      1. Lay a square napkin on a flat surface.

      2. Pinch the centre and lift.

      3. Insert in napkin ring and complete with sprigs of Christmas greens.