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How to Style with Andaman

How to Style with Andaman

With a classic white matte finish in organic shapes, the Andaman collection embodies the natural simplicity of island living. We especially love how the hand-painted black rim detailing adds a touch of understated sophistication to this otherwise relaxed design.

Styling with Andaman is effortless, thanks to its simple yet versatile colour palette. The classic black-and-white combination makes it a perfect match for minimalist and modern styles, and its contrasting qualities can also be used to make a statement. Here are four ways to make the most of your Andaman pieces.

1. Embrace eclecticism for visual contrast 

When styling with Andaman, there's no need to commit to a full set to showcase the way the black rim detailing accentuates the ceramics' natural curves and shapes. Instead, get creative with different shapes and sizes to add a playful touch to the table. Our top picks are the long and oversized Oval Platter and the shapely Shell Sharing Dish. They're handy for serving family-style meals and create a striking visual contrast against common round dinner plates.

2. Go bold with black and white

For a timeless look, opt for a black-and-white table setting with Andaman. In this example, we took inspiration from Singapore's heritage black-and-white bungalows and styled Andaman with black and white details like cutlery with black handles and a checkered table runner

When styling with classic black and white, follow the 70/30 rule to ensure perfect visual balance. Here we aimed for a 70% white and 30% black ratio, and offset the classic palette with a green leafy centrepiece to soften the look and add a touch of natural texture.

3. Freshen up with a palette of green

Speaking of green, green accents are an excellent way to bring life to Andaman’s clean, minimalist palette while achieving a fresh and elegant look for all occasions. We like to do this by styling Andaman with Karst and/or with lush greenery.

Karst’s moody grey-green tones not only contrast beautifully with Andaman’s bright, matte white base, but also helps to better bridge the stark white base of Andaman with other colours when using 3 glazes together.

Greenery also provides a versatile option with endless possibilities. For formal occasions, we recommend using a lush and decorative centrepiece that showcases various shades of green. For everyday dining, consider adding small details such as sprigs of herbs or miniature potted plants for a subtle yet refreshing touch of colour.

4. Bring warmth with organic textures

Beyond lush greenery, natural textures and elements like jute placemats, wooden chopsticks, or rattan coasters can also make a difference in creating a cosy and inviting table setting. The classic black and white palette can sometimes feel too formal and cold, so incorporating these earthy textures is a quick and easy way to bring warmth back to the table and achieve that dreamy barefoot luxury feeling.