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Choosing dining chairs for comfort: Insights from Rooma

Choosing dining chairs for comfort: Insights from Rooma

Like many homeowners, we’re all about creating a dining space that’s both stylish and functional. We previously spoke about finding the right dining table, but no good table is complete without the right dining chairs. After all, lingering over meals and conversation is much more enjoyable when you’re seated comfortably.

So what makes a good dining chair? To get the inside scoop, we spoke to Haziq, the project lead and head of operations of Rooma, on key considerations when shopping for dining chairs.

Understanding the basics: chair dimensions

“Maintain a 31-32cm difference between the seat of your chair and the tabletop for optimal legroom and comfort. The standard chair height in Singapore is 44-45cm, which is optimal for dining tables that are 75-76cm in height.”

What to consider when choosing a chair:

High-backs vs low-backs

“Practical considerations differ between high-back and low-back dining chairs in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and space utilisation. High-back chairs provide more back support and create a more formal atmosphere. In contrast, low-back chairs can make a room feel more open and spacious, but are less comfortable.”

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Armrests vs no armrests

“When deciding between dining chairs with or without armrests, consider space first. My personal recommendation? If you have the luxury of space, opt for armrests as they are much more comfortable. If you prefer to sit cross-legged at the dining table —  opt for armless or half-arm chairs so you can sit comfortably.”

Interior tip

“For smaller dining areas, especially those tucked into corners, consider alternative seating options like benches or stools. They’re easy to manoeuvre when getting in and out, and can also prevent a cluttered look.”

Wooden chairs

“Not all wooden chairs are heavy although some can be. For example, lightweight solid wood options such as Sungkai, which we carry, are easier to move around and ideal for households with children or seniors. Wooden chairs are also comfortable for typical dining use, but if you use the dining table as a workspace, and are sitting for an extended time, the hard wood surface can feel a bit uncomfortable. In cases like this, we often recommend upholstered seats or removable cushions for added comfort.”

Care tip

“It is true that upholstered chairs require more maintenance, however, stain and water repellent sprays and portable steam cleaners can help. Prefer to simplify cleaning? Opt for removable cushions, which we also provide, instead. Simply unzip, wash, and put it back on.”