Trade Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with Kra Sanctuary. We believe a great dining experience begins with good food and extends to the company, environment, service, and of course, presentation. After all, as the saying goes, "we eat first with our eyes".

Our luxury ceramic kitchenware range

At Kra Sanctuary, we offer a selection of handmade ceramics by local artisans in Northern Thailand. Our luxury ceramic kitchenware and dinner sets are made to last with natural clay and naturally derived colours. Whether it's a ceramic dinner plate or a multi-use bowl, each item has been lovingly designed to beautifully frame your food.

We currently stock eight collections (colours) and two handmade ceramic styles: more organically shaped free-form pieces, as well as more uniformly shaped pieces. While we retail only a few glazing options, we have several others available in the same styles and quality as our retail collections. Please note that we celebrate the beauty of handmade, artisanal products at Kra Sanctuary, and every piece will be unique in slight variations.

The pieces we offer also come in a range of sizes. From party platters perfect for family-style dining, to smaller serving plates and bowls designed to hold individual portions, our extensive range also includes tabletop finishing touches and tableware such as ceramic spoons, dressing saucers, espresso sets, personal condiment dishes, even soya pots and seasoning jars.

Made for easy clean-up

Our handmade, artisanal ceramics are always dishwasher, microwave, and food-safe, and made to withstand commercial use.

Customise your ceramic dinnerware with us

We understand that personalisation is key to the hospitality experience. Using our catalogue of available glazes and products, we are happy to work with you and to customise your ceramic tableware to suit your brand needs. Please note that a minimum order quantity may be needed to commission a personalised product. Custom logo imprinting with your brand logo is also available.

Artisanal production

As each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted by local artisans in Thailand, our production timeline spans an estimated 8-10 weeks per order, based on order size and our partner's kiln firing schedule.

Our clients

We’re honoured to partner with renowned restaurants and brands across Singapore to create memorable experiences that enhance the pleasure of enjoying a meal. Whether gracing the tables of esteemed restaurants or being utilised by various brands in hospitality settings, our handcrafted ceramics add a distinct touch, elevating the individual charm and atmosphere of each establishment.

SKIRT Restaurant, W Hotel Singapore

SKIRT stands out as a modern grill house celebrated for its succulent cuts of beef, expertly prepared over the signature Parrilla grill.

Complementing the sizzling flavours of their wood-fired delicacies, the restaurant has thoughtfully curated a dark and bold palette featuring our Charcoal Grill, Wok Hei, and Bangkok Nights glazes to accentuate their sleek, modern dining ambiance.

Featured: Charcoal Grill Oval Platter. Image: SKIRT Restaurant

Featured: (L) Bangkok Nights Free-Form Soup Bowl (extended range), Wok Hei Flat Dinner Plate (extended range), Wok Hei Free-Form Pasta Bowl (extended range), (R) Wok Hei Family Sharing Dish (extended range). Image: SKIRT Restaurant 

Featured: (L) Charcoal Grill Free-Form Dinner Plate, Bangkok Nights Free-Form Soup Bowl (extended range), Bangkok Nights Shell Presentation Bowl (extended range), (R) Bangkok Nights Shell Presentation Bowl (extended range). Image: SKIRT Restaurant

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Eden Restaurant, Pullman Singapore Orchard

Nestled in the heart of the bustling Orchard Road, Eden Restaurant is a culinary gem celebrating the best of Asian cuisines.

Bold and vibrant colours come to life against the refreshing backdrop of the restaurant's verdant glasshouse interior. Here, a selection of our Charcoal Grill, Karst, Sii Faa, and Lanna glazes are handpicked by Executive Chef Nicholas to accompany the rich and diverse Asian flavours that grace the menu.

Featured: (1) Sii Faa Free-Form Pasta BowlImage: Eden Restaurant. (2) Terracotta Celebration PlatterImage: Eden Restaurant. (3) Charcoal Grill Free-Form Soup Bowl

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 Lộ Quậy

Helmed by Chef Qunyh Brown, Lộ Quậy brings to the table a bold exploration of New Vietnamese cuisine, fusing familiar flavours from her native land with her mastery of Japanese and French cooking techniques. The result? A gastronomic experience that unfolds with a delightful complexity of tastes.

Dishes are presented with a selection of our Charcoal Grill, Gold Leaf and Lanna glazes to accentuate the freshness and vibrancy of carefully selected ingredients.

Featured: Lanna Free-Form Pasta Bowl. Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Lộ Quậy

Featured: (L) Gold Leaf Round Tea Cup (extended range), Charcoal Grill Tall Sauce Pitcher (extended range), (R) Lanna Flat Side Plate, Makrut Free-Form 11cm Saucer (extended  range). Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Lộ Quậy

Featured: (L) Charcoal Grill Free-Form Side Plate, (R) Makrut Free-Form 11cm Saucer (extended range). Image credits:  Silk and Salt Images for Lộ Quậy

Restaurant Fiz

Restaurant Fiz stands as a culinary sanctuary in the historical centre of Tanjong Pagar. Helmed by Chef Haffizul Hashim, the fine dining restaurant invites with episodic menus featuring degustation and communal hidang dishes that celebrate the richness of Southeast Asian cuisine. 

Within its modern rustic interiors, Restaurant Fiz incorporates Charcoal Grill, Wok Hei, and Lanna glazes, seamlessly blending the essence of Southeast Asian culinary traditions with contemporary elements.

Featured: Lanna Free-Form Pasta Bowl. Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Restaurant Fiz 

Featured: (L) Lanna 23cm Free-Form Dinner Plate (customised sizing), (R) Wok Hei Donut Dish (extended range). Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Restaurant Fiz 

Featured: (L) Lanna Small Oval Dish, (R) Charcoal Grill Free-Form Soup Bowl. Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Restaurant Fiz 


Meadesmoore, a contemporary steakhouse on Boon Tat Street, is influenced by the luxurious steakhouses of the early 1900s in the US and UK. Embracing the spirit of communal dining, the restaurant presents generous servings of their specialty cuts on oversized platters, including our distinctive Free-Form Oval Platters.

Featured: (L) Talay Oval Platter, (R) Charcoal Grill Oval Platter. Image: Meadesmoore 

Our Second Nature

An extension of Singaporean fashion brand Our Second NatureLiving by OSN serves as a home-living line featuring a minimalist collection of home goods. This includes specially commissioned everyday dining ceramics with custom logo printing and crafted with non-retailing glaze options.

Featured: Maprao Free-Form Soup Bowl (extended range). Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Our Second Nature

Featured: Free-Form Side Plate featured in a customised glaze for Our Second Nature. Image Credits: Silk and Salt Images for Our Second Nature

Featured: (L) Maprao Free-Form Side Plate (extended range), (R) Maprao Free-Form Dining Plate (extended range). Image credits: Silk and Salt Images for Our Second Nature

Other clients we work with include:


Interested in carrying timeless ceramic designs at your restaurant? Please contact us at or via Whatsapp at +6591684706 for a customised quote and trade terms and conditions. We would be delighted to help you craft an unforgettable dining experience.