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Restaurant Spotlight: SKIRT Restaurant, W Hotel Singapore

Restaurant Spotlight: SKIRT Restaurant, W Hotel Singapore

Trade opportunities mean a lot to us as we get to witness the magic our ceramics bring to the dining experiences of diverse restaurants across Singapore. We recently had the pleasure of working with SKIRT Restaurant, W Hotel Singapore for their reopening. To complement the sizzling flavours of their wood-fired delights, they handpicked a dark and bold palette of our Charcoal Grill, Wok Hei, and Bangkok Nights glazes to accentuate their sleek, modern interior.


In celebration of their reopening, we savoured a delightful weekday dinner by the Sentosa marina. Keen to explore SKIRT’s menu beyond the steaks they are known for, we opted for a spread of vegetable-forward dishes, and had the utmost pleasure of discovering numerous gems that we are sharing below.
 Beef Tartare served in the Wok Hei Free-Form Side Plate (extended collection).

For starters, don’t miss their Beef Tartare, generously topped with Oscietra caviar. This textural dish — the sweet crunch of potato crisps combined with the velvety tenderness of the beef — is an excellent way to begin your meal.

(L) Wood-fired Shishito served in the Bangkok Nights Shell Presentation Bowl (extended collection). (R) Salt-baked Beetroot served in Wok Hei Free-Form Pasta Bowl (extended collection).

Among the side dishes and small plates, two standouts were the Wood-fired Shishito and Salt-baked Beetroot. The collective gasps heard as these dishes were presented to us is testament to SKIRT’s skill at presenting a feast for the senses.

Served in the glossy Bangkok Nights Shell Presentation Bowl, the Wood-fired Shishito stood out boldly against the dark glaze, their vibrant green hue contrasting with the sweet, orange-yellow vegetable foam. Meanwhile, the Salt-baked Beetroot showcased the natural sweetness of the humble vegetable, which was further accentuated by whipped ricotta. This creamy surprise revealed itself as we dug our spoons into the dish, complementing the purple beetroot and semi-gloss Wok Hei glaze, creating a delightful interplay of flavours and textures.

(L) Iberico Secreto served on Charcoal Grill Free-Form Dinner Plate. (R) Salt Dough Baked Celeriac served in Wok Hei Free-Form Pasta Bowl (extended collection).

Behold the Iberico Secreto, a highlight of the night’s meal — though, as you will soon read, dessert came a close second. Tender and bursting with flavour, we daresay you will not miss SKIRT’s beloved steak if you opt for pork here. As always, the flavours are faultless. With a melange of slow-cooked bell peppers, this dish is a beautiful balance of sweet and savoury notes.

Looking for vegetarian-friendly options? Order the Salt Dough Baked Celeriac, which comes nestled on a bed of ajo blanco. The dish is unassuming in its size but delivers big on presentation and flavours — creamy, sweet, earthy.  

Although our party of three was already full by this time, we were so impressed by our meal that we just had to order desserts. Naturally, we picked not one but two dishes.

Elevating the dessert experience with a lavish drizzle of blueberry lemon consommé, just moments before we indulged in the Berry Bomb, presented in the Wok Hei Free-Form Pasta Bowl (extended collection).

The Berry Bomb was a refreshing blend of sweet and tangy flavours, featuring the indulgence of strawberry crème brûlée and a raspberry cream with fresh fruit and a blueberry lemon consommé that’s poured at the table. Served in the Wok Hei Free-Form Pasta Bowl, it allowed for a generous drizzle of consommé and easy spoonfuls of this berry-filled delight. 

The Osso Bucco, presented as a sweet take on the traditional bone marrow, was a delightful surprise of chocolate mousse encased in a crumbly “bone” exterior, served with a hazelnut passion fruit and blood orange caramel and strawberry goat cheese ice-cream.


A heartfelt thank you to SKIRT for choosing our handcrafted ceramics to complement their prestigious grill house dining experience. We invite you to witness our extended dining ware collection in its splendour when you reserve a table at SKIRT. Click here to make a reservation

W Singapore
Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

Opens for lunch from 12pm – 3pm on Saturday and Sundays,
and for dinner from 6pm – 10.30pm from Wednesdays to Mondays.

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