How to clean and care for your ceramic tableware

How do I care for my ceramic dinnerware?

Caring for your ceramic dinnerware is relatively easy as our ceramics are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and food-safe. Though durable, your ceramic dinnerware should not be exposed to sudden, extreme changes in temperature to prevent thermal shock and possible cracking.

When storing your dinnerware, refrain from stacking too many plates and bowls on top of each other to prevent pieces from cracking under their own weight. Please also do not use your ceramic dinnerware in the oven.

Treat your handmade dishes with the care you give your other high-end kitchenware.  Avoid banging or harsh scratching of the surfaces. 

For households heavily reliant on using knives at the table, we recommend our glossy Satay glaze or dark, textured Charcoal Grill collection which are the most resistant to abrasion from cutting on the surface.  Scratches and abrasions are most visible on our matte collections, especially Andaman, Talay and Karst glazes, which are more suitable for households not rigorously cutting their food with knives during dining.

With proper care, your pieces will last for many years.

How do I clean my ceramic plates and bowls?

All of our luxury ceramic plates and bowls are dishwasher-safe, so feel free to pop them in with your other dishes. However, we recommend using natural or non-abrasive dishwashing liquid to prevent general wear and tear of glaze surfaces.

Should you prefer to hand wash your ceramic kitchenware, avoid using metal sponges and harsh scrubs as they might scratch the surface of your plates and bowls.



Where are your ceramics made?

Our artisanal ceramics are handmade in Lampang, a quaint province in Northern Thailand. This tranquil town is an hour south of Chiang Mai, and is known for quality, small-batch ceramics. Our debut tableware collection features a range of dining and serving essentials, from ceramic dinner plates, bowls, and cups to handmade serveware.

Can I shop your collection in person?

We currently sell online, but can arrange private viewings in person at out home show room convenient located near Orchard/Tanglin.  We host "open" houses every 4-6 weeks or can accommodate a limited number of personal appointments during non-designated timings.  Please reach out to us at concierge@krasanctuary.com to register your interest in our next open house weekend or to arrange a separate timing.

We also currently stock our dinnerware staples with our various partners islandwide.

Who makes your ceramics?

We work with a third-generation, family-run ceramics studio to make every item in our ceramic tableware collection. This studio employs local potters of the town in a safe and comfortable environment, and has been producing ceramic dinnerware since 1986. Each piece is unique, bearing marks of its maker.

What is the difference between handcrafted and mass-produced ceramics?

Each of our ceramic dishes is one-of-a-kind. These pieces are organically shaped and intentionally uneven, with natural curves and ridges that set each of them apart in a similar way to how our fingerprints are individual to each of us. Free-form ceramics are a celebration of the imperfections of handcrafted, artisanal traditions.

Due to shaping and firing process of handcrafted ceramics, there will be slight irregularities in the shape of each dish. These irregularities may materialize in the rims, texture, or surface of each piece and some dishes may not sit completely flat against your table. Adding a placemat under the dish will help to stabilise them and protect the table. 

What is the difference between ceramic and pottery?

Ceramic is a rather broad term. It describes items made with clay and other non-metallic materials, which permanently change form when heated. Pottery is a subset or form of ceramic. It is a lot more specific as it only describes vessels made out of clay, so while our bowls, cups, and pots can be considered to be pottery, our platters and dishes fall under the broader tier of ceramics instead. For easy reference, we consider all of our products at KRA Sanctuary ceramics.

What is the difference between stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain?

Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain fall under the category of ceramics, but the most telling difference lies in the quality of each of them.

Among the three, earthenware is fired at the lowest temperature. The resulting vessel is porous and far less durable than its stoneware or porcelain counterparts, though it can be glazed to make it more resistant to stains and water. This is also the most rustic and cheapest option of the lot and is commonly used to make pots for plants.

Stoneware is a sturdier alternative to earthenware. It is fired at a higher temperature with glass mixed into the clay, making it strong and chip-resistant. Stoneware also has a thicker build than earthenware and porcelain, lending a humble charm to pieces of this type.

Made with the finest quality of white clay, porcelain is fired at the highest temperature among the three. The resulting vessel is the most durable and non-porous of the lot, and often appears translucent because of its thin body and delicate construction. Porcelain products add a touch of elegance to any occasion and are typically used in more formal settings. It is also the most expensive to produce and purchase.


What are your shipping rates?

Shipping within Singapore is free on orders over S$100. Orders below that are shipped at a flat rate of $5.

Do you ship internationally?

KRA Sanctuary currently only ships within Singapore. If you are interested in international shipping, please contact us at concierge@krasanctuary.com and we'll see how we can help you take home one of our artisanal ceramics.

How long does delivery take?

All orders for ceramics in stock will be packed and shipped within 48 hours, and due to its delicate nature, will be delivered via courier to your door. You should be able to receive your package within a week. If we experience any delays, we will reach out via email.

Can I return my order?

Items sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. However, should you find major flaws or defects in your chosen pieces, such as a chip or crack upon receiving your products, please reach out to us at concierge@krasanctuary.com, within 24 hours and we will gladly replace your product for you.

All of our luxury ceramics are held to the highest standard of quality checks before being packed and shipped. Please note that small imperfections are bound to be present in each piece as all of our products are handcrafted by our partner artisans.

The finishing on my dish doesn’t look like the photo on the website. Can I have a refund?

All items sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Our luxury ceramic kitchenware and dinner sets are handmade from start to end. No two pieces are identical in shape, weight, or finish, and it is this uniqueness that we celebrate here at KRA Sanctuary. These handmade inconsistencies do not affect the quality of our ceramics in any way, and each piece is made to last the years.


I own a restaurant. What is the minimum order quantity for trade orders?

Whether you're a small family-run business or a large restaurant chain, we would love to pair our artisanal ceramic dinnerware with your menu. Please reach out directly to us at concierge@krasanctuary.com for more details on our trade terms or visit this page for more information on how we work with our restaurant partners.

Can I customise my plates with you?

Yes, customisation is possible — please email us at concierge@krasanctuary.com for our Trade Catalogue with a selection of glaze colours, ceramic tableware pieces, and finishes available.

How long will a custom order take?

Trade orders are made upon request and confirmation. As all items are handcrafted in Thailand upon order confirmation, production and delivery will take an estimated 6-8 weeks, depending on the size of the order.


Can I return my packaging?

We recognise that sustainability is a journey and we all have a part to play. We are happy to help you prolong the life cycle of your packaging and accept returned packaging so long as it can be reused. Please email us at concierge@krasanctuary.com for material return details.

You may also recycle your packaging with Package Pals.