We are all stewards of our environment. We understand that there can never be a single product that is 100% eco-friendly — ceramics included. We are committed to actively taking steps in the direction of sustainability by seeking out new ways in which we can minimise our impact on the earth.

We use reused and upcycled packing materials to protect your order wherever possible and encourage you to reuse and recycle these materials when you can. It's likely that your order will be stuffed with packing paper or bubble wrap in it's third or fourth use - we trust it to keep your delicate pieces safe, not to look pretty when you open the box! To extend the life cycle of our packaging materials, we are happy to accept any returned packaging that's in reusable condition. Please email for material drop off enquiries. You can otherwise donate unused packaging to organisations such as Package Pals, which redistribute these packing materials to participating companies and organisations.

Ethical practices and sustainability go hand in hand.

At KRA Sanctuary, our handmade ceramics are produced in small batches to support the wellbeing of both our partner artisans and the earth. Our glazes are naturally and responsibly derived from the environment around us — brown pigments are made from iron, for example, and our blue from cobalt. This prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into your food and beverages, making our ceramics safe for you, and for the earth. Our clay is also locally sourced from the hills surrounding Lampang, Thailand, which reduces the energy required for shipping and importing.

All ceramics have to be fired at high temperatures in a kiln at least once to strengthen and permanently "set" a piece. Most of the carbon footprint of ceramic production is, in fact, generated by the energy required to fire this kiln. Traditionally, ceramics that have only been fired once are the least carbon intensive, though also more delicate. At Kra Sanctuary, we choose to fire our ceramics twice. This increases our carbon emissions, but also makes each piece more practical and durable for everyday use in the long run. 

With every Kra Sanctuary piece, we encourage you to move away from today's throwaway culture. The pieces we have chosen to carry are timeless, not trend-driven designs. Unlike plastic or wooden dinnerware, ceramics last far longer and are also leach-proof and water-resistant. With proper care, our quality, durable ceramic dinnerware can last you a lifetime, so you will no longer have to replace your bowls, plates, and other dishes every so often. Support local traditions and handle each of your pieces with care — a little goes a long, long way.