About Our Ceramics

It is our privilege to introduce our range of artisan-made, small-batch ceramics. Working with a family-run pottery studio, every piece is handmade and bears the mark of its maker.

Our partner artisans have been producing luxury kitchenware and ceramic dinner sets since 1986 from Lampang, Thailand. This quiet town is an hour south of Chiang Mai, and boasts a slower rhythm of life alongside scenic views. The work of our crafters takes inspiration from the natural surroundings, prominently featuring organic shapes and textures. You can find influences of the environment imbued in our products from the naturally derived, earthy tones of our collections to the very clay used to make each item, sourced from the mountains surrounding the factory.


This interaction with raw materials is also fundamental to our design process — the artisans spend an extensive amount of time exploring ways to mould and shape the clay they work with by deftly fusing modern sensibilities with a sense of local heritage. Some of these experiments have resulted in our signature free-form ceramics –– a collection that celebrates the work of human hands. Select from our extensive range of ceramic tableware: from dinner plates, bowls, cups, condiment saucers, and even spoons. For easy use and clean up, all our ceramics are always dishwasher, microwave, and food-safe.

With the heft of a well-made Kra Sanctuary piece in your hand, we invite you to slow down and appreciate the little things in your day: good food made better in the company of people you love.