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How to style with Satay

How to style with Satay

Get the best of both worlds with Satay's duo-toned palette. Neutral with an earthy twist, this glaze can be easily used for formal or informal gatherings. Read on for more inspiration on how Satay sets the tone to create multiple warm and welcoming looks.

1. Bring in the wildness with a savannah themed set-up

Image credits: Lush Platters

A themed setting is always bound to impress guests. We love how our friends from Lush Platters have highlighted the earthy shine of Satay in this elegant savannah themed tablescape.

Since themed settings often require plenty of decor details, your table linens should be kept simple to let the other elements shine. Don't forget to layer in natural textures too — fresh blooms and wood accents are always an easy go-to. For a more dramatic look, consider statement pieces like animal print accents to bring out the theme.

2. Achieve modern glamour with black and gold accents 

Channel an instant feeling of luxury when you play up Satay's signature caramel-crackled rim with accents of black and gold. To recreate this look, opt for our Bamboo Cutlery in Matte Black or Polished Gold.

3. Create a rustic, mediterranean set-up with shades of blue

Satay offers so much versatility when it comes to styling because of the texture and colour palette. The rich caramel hues and off-white base make it easy to layer in shades of blue as a nod to the Mediterranean table. Opt for light, pastel blues like our Sii Faa collection for an understated, everyday set-up. You can also style with linen napkins for an added touch of warmth and texture.

For special occasions, consider swapping out solid-coloured napkins for playful or patterned alternatives.

4. Liven up the table with a touch of whimsy

The earthy and neutral tones of Satay may come across as too formal to the uninitiated, but it is still possible to design an eclectic table with Satay. Don't be afraid to think out of the box when considering elements that add interest and playfulness. Feathers and dried pampas grass subtly nod to a dreamy Gatsby theme, for example. You can also use simple acrylic and glass vessels to balance the texture of handmade ceramics.

Consider playing with different shapes and sizes of ceramic serveware too. Our recommendation? Start with the oversized Satay Oval Platter — it's functional to use for large gatherings and easily accommodates everything from a variety of bite-sized appetisers to a whole chicken or fish. 

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