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Satay Colour Guide

Satay Colour Guide

Did you know Satay was the first glaze we selected when we were building out our handmade ceramics collection?

Inspired by the caramel crackle of grilled meat skewers, the Satay collection includes handmade ceramic bowls, cups, plates, and platters dressed in an artful mix of textures and colour. Glossy with an iridescent caramel-gold border, it stands strong with heavy cutlery use and can be easily dressed up (or down) to suit any occasion. 


Browse our gallery below for mix-and-match ideas with Satay, or pick up tips on how you can style your ceramic dinnerware here.

Satay and Andaman

Featured: Satay Oval Platter and Andaman Sauce Dish

Satay and Charcoal Grill

Featured: (L) Charcoal Grill Free-Form Dinner Plate and Satay Free-Form Side Plate, (R) Satay Free-Form Dinner Plate and Charcoal Grill Free-Form Side Plate

Satay and Sii Faa

Featured: Satay Free-Form Side Plate, Sii Faa Free-Form Dinner Plate, and Sii Faa Shell Dipping Dish

Satay and Lanna

Featured: (L) Satay Sauce DishLanna Flat Dinner Plate, and Ayutthaya Cutlery in Polished Gold, (R) Satay Shell Dipping Dish, and Lanna Flat Dinner Plate and Side Plate

Satay and Karst

Featured: Satay Free-Form Salad Bowl, Satay Soup Spoon, Karst Free-Form Soup BowlKarst Flat Dinner Plate, and Ayutthaya Chopsticks in Polished Gold

Satay and Sii Chompuu

Featured: (L) Satay Soup Spoon and Sii Chompuu Free-Form Soup Bowl, (R) Satay Free-Form Side Plate, Sii Chompuu Free-Form Dinner Plate, and Sii Chompuu Shell Pinch Pot