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Tips on styling your kitchen shelfie with @sixthfloor.revival

Tips on styling your kitchen shelfie with @sixthfloor.revival

We've long adored the open concept kitchen of Najwa and Zaid (@sixthfloor.revival). It's well-organised, light and bright, and cleverly designed to maximise space. The secret, Najwa shares, is open shelving. "They make the kitchen appear larger and airy, and are great for showcasing unique and functional pieces." Love the look of her kitchen shelfies? Pick up these nifty styling tips from Najwa.  

1. Plan your colour palette

"The colour tones of Satay speak boldness and warmth at the same time. I found myself gearing towards it as it's different from the other tableware we have." (Image credits: @sixthfloor.revival)

Colours inform the look and feel of your shelfie. For example, grouping items of a similar colour palette can prevent shelves from looking cluttered, especially if you prefer a clean, minimalist look. Here, Najwa uses the duo-toned Satay glaze to style her shelfie in two ways:

  1. Pairing the caramel-gold rim with the dark, earthy tones of her textured vase and glassware

  2. Using the glossy off-white base as neutral spacers to balance the moody palette. 
2. Play with height to create interest

Vases, framed artwork, and even kitchen utensils like a spice rack or cutting board are great ways to incorporate height. (Image credits: @sixthfloor.revival)

Height variation doesn't just keeps things visually interesting, it also ensures a single shelf is balanced as a whole. Always start by displaying your largest or tallest piece before organising the rest. And if you're looking to create more height — stack cookbooks horizontally to prop up a smaller decor piece. 

3. Add character with handmade ceramics

Najwa likes to keep a rotating display of ceramics featuring pieces she reached for most often. Recently, that's been the Satay Free-Form Pasta Bowls."I love that it is so versatile and can be used to plate other dishes besides pasta," she says. (Image credits: @sixthfloor.revival)

Create a visually layered look when you display your handmade ceramic dinnerware! Make a statement with decorative serveware platters like our Shell Sharing Dish or Wave Rim Plate or stack your dining ware essentials together to highlight their organic, free-form shape. Other decorative items like framed artwork and vases are also top picks of Najwa's to spruce up the shelf. 

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