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How to style with Talay

How to style with Talay

Well-loved for its versatility, Talay layers well with different colours and decor to create everything from elevated, everyday set-ups to festive tablescapes. Read on for tips on how to style this staple glaze. 

1. Keep it modern with a dark contrast

A warm and sophisticated deep grey and white pairing is a great way to switch up the clean, minimalist look of Talay. The key here is balance: for a fresher look, use Talay as your base ceramic range, and pair with dark textiles or serving platters like those from the Charcoal Grill collection. For a more dramatic tablescape, use Talay as an accent piece. Also consider incorporating darker tones through statement cutlery too. We love our silverware in Burnt Steel for modern, graphic functionality.

2. Create a soft, romantic tablescape with pastel hues

For more intimate meal settings, layer Talay with pastel hues like soft pinks. We like using accent pieces from our Sii Chompuu collection, and softening the look with linen napkins and/or a tablecloth for a touch of blush. Because of the solid colour palette, you can easily add prints or patterns, or fresh blooms if you are so inclined, but remember to go easy on the colour if you’re looking for a bright and airy look.

3. Layer blues and greens for a coastal tablescape

Love the evergreen escape of beachside holidays? Be reminded of beachside calm every time you sit down at your table with your own coastal palette at home. Begin by building your collection around the Talay Shell Sharing Dish and Wave Rim Plate. The higher rim of these handmade ceramic designs make these excellent functional serving pieces, while their hand-formed curves — a nod to coastal landscapes — make them substantial centrepieces.

Complete the look with with table accessories woven from natural materials like rattan, jute, or sisal.

4. Return to classic glamour with gold accents

Image credits: (top) Sabrina Sikora

You can set a lavish table with Talay by simply adding some shine. Pull out gold cutlery and serveware to recreate a classic white-and-gold look, perfect for the holidays and any other special occasion where you want a fancier tablescape. High-shine finishes add easy glamour to the table, while matte gold tones add a formal but more modern touch. You can also mix matte and polished gold accents for a look that feels special yet laidback. Looking for more sparkle? Complete the look with candlelight for the perfect finishing glow.

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