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Talay Colour Guide

Talay Colour Guide

Neutrals are always a top pick when it comes to building your own handmade ceramic collection, which is why Talay is one of our most popular glazes. The range features handmade ceramic mugs, plates, bowls, and platters.

The off-white, speckled base makes it easy to style with, and is an elegant, understated canvas for your food to take centrestage. With a matte finish and an exposed rim and base, Talay also adds an organic, rustic charm to the dinner table.


Browse our gallery below to see how Talay looks with other colours, or pick up more styling tips here.

Talay and Karst

Featured: (L) Talay Round Side Dish and Karst Flat Bottom Dinner Plate, (R) Talay Noodle Bowl and Karst Soup Spoon

Talay and Sii Chompuu
Featured: (L) Talay Wave Rim Plate and Sii Chompuu Shell Dipping Dish, (R) Talay Round Soup Bowl and Sii Chompuu Soup Spoon
Talay and Sii Faa
Featured: Talay Round Dinner Plate and Sii Faa Shell Dipping Dish
Talay and Lanna

Featured: (L) Talay Round Dinner Plate, Lanna Free-Form Soup Bowl, and Lanna Salad Dressing Server, (R) Talay Shell Dipping Dish and Lanna Flat Bottom Dinner Plate

Talay and Charcoal Grill

Featured: Talay Round Dinner PlateCharcoal Grill Free-Form Soup Bowl, and Bamboo Dinner Fork and Dinner Spoon in Polished Gold