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How to style with Sii Chompuu

How to style with Sii Chompuu

Looking to introduce more colours into your kitchen or handmade ceramics collection? With its delicate, subtle rosy hue, Sii Chompuu is a great glaze to start with. Read on for tip on creating some of our favourite looks. 

1. Impress with a high-contrast statement

Dynamic pairings like pink and grey provide easy contrast and dimension to a table. We especially love using Charcoal Grill when styling this colour combination. Not only does it downplay the feminine inclinations of pink, it also adds texture with its tonal splatters of caramel and gold.   

To keep the look bold and dramatic, use Sii Chompuu or pink as an accent. Also consider other pink table accents like placemats, napkins, or glassware to tie in a softer pink touch, or take a leaf out of Chef Violet Oon's styling book — she added lush, pink-hued orchid blooms to complete the look of her recent Lunar New Year Table.

2. Go soft and romantic with a kiss of pink

Style Sii Chompuu with your existing collection in a boho-inspired tablescape. This informal and relaxed style is characterised by a mix of colours, shapes, and textures, and can be easily recreated even if you don't have a complete dinnerware set.  Tie the look together by layering on organic textures — we like rattan placemats and wooden chopsticks, or wooden napkin rings for added functionality. 

3. Use accents of gold for finesse 

The versatile subtle pink base of Sii Chompuu pairs well with different tones of gold. Mix and match high-shine and matte tones to create a charmingly elegant look fit for both casual and formal dining.This adds a hint of luxury to the table without being too flashy. 

4. Pay homage to the tropics with soft pinks and lush greens

Refresh the table with vibrant colour combinations of pink and greens, inspired by the lush tropics we are in. We’re fans of how the deep, dynamic green-grey tones of Karst complements Sii Chompuu to create a modern, resort-like ambiance for afternoon teatime.

For a lighter springtime look, pair Sii Chompuu with pastel green table linens and add fresh blooms for visual height and texture. 


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