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Restaurant Spotlight: Raw Kitchen Bar

Restaurant Spotlight: Raw Kitchen Bar

Because Singapore has such a thriving food scene, restaurants that can stay the course are undoubtedly, doubly impressive. We got to re-acquaint ourselves with Raw Kitchen Bar recently when they made an appearance at Boutique Fairs Singapore in March 2023, though the first iteration of Raw was over a decade ago, in 2008!

Driven by heart and fuelled by culinary curiosity, the team behind Raw Kitchen Bar doesn’t just produce excellent fare but also embraces a congenial island spirit. Dining at this alfresco restaurant is all about good food, great company, and excellent music in a quiet pocket of Kampong Bugis. Join us below as we take you through their inspired menu, or make a reservation this weekend to try it out for yourself!

The latest menu of Raw Kitchen Bar explores Thai-Latin flavours — a playful tropical symphony of spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. While these are flavours familiar to many of us, each dish at Raw also promises a unique twist.

Raw has always been about following the heart and providing our guests with thoughtful, honest, and yummy food. Through all we have done, a fusion of Latin-Asian touch has always influenced the flavour profiles of our cuisines. — Javier Perez, Founder of Raw Kitchen Bar

Black Mamba plated on Andaman Free-Form Pasta Bowl.

We gladly tucked into some of their crowd-favourites, including their signature Black Mamba. This sharing main features squid ink fried rice, tiger prawns, a tangy chili sambal that has been fermented for 2 weeks, crowned with a runny yolk.

What makes this dish so special? Its perennial popularity since day 1 of Raw Kitchen Bar. Beyond its umami-packed flavours, Javier tells us this dish was first served in the very first menu of Raw Kitchen Bar, back in 2008 at the old Bukit Timah fire station.

Believe it or not, we have been serving the Black Mamba for more than 12 years! It has fed people in Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Jakarta, and now Kuala Lumpur. It was created by a dear friend in Bangkok at his restaurant, and has evolved with some tweaks and personal touches from our chefs. But ultimately, it has remained so consistent, and we are forever tied to the dish and the joy it brings our guests.

(Left) Tuna Tartare Tostada plated on Terracotta Flat Bottom Plate (extended collection). (Right) Round 18cm Plate in a matte aqua blue glaze (extended collection) featured with the Bangkok Cutlery in Matte Black.

In addition to their sharing mains, Raw Kitchen Bar offers a variety of sides made for communal sharing.  The Raw team recommends ordering the Tuna Tartare Tostada, a refreshing pick accompanied with crispy flour tostadas, and the Pad Krapao Croquettes, savoury golden nuggets bursting with Thai-style basil chicken. The story behind the croquette is a beautiful example of the team’s commitment to culinary curiosity and play:

Pad Krapao Croquettes plated on Round 18cm Plate
 in a matte pink glaze with light white splatters (extended collection).

I jokingly mentioned how good it would be if we filled our croquettes with Thai-styled basil chicken, and our chef made some to try a week later! They were really good, and I remember laughing and thinking that we found a hack in the food matrix.

Steak Tacos plated on Charcoal Grill Oval Platter.

Final tip: if you’re in the mood for something heartier, don’t miss the Steak Tacos, which feature tender slices of Thai-style steak in a Latin American style taco.

We love being part of the magic that happens when food brings people together. A special thank you to Raw Kitchen Bar for spending a morning with us pairing their food with our ceramics. In contrast to their usual style, the team chose a vibrant assortment of glazes such as Andaman, Charcoal Grill,  and Terracotta (non-retailing) to capture the fun and lively spirit of Raw Kitchen Bar. 

66 Kampong Bugis, Ground Floor Patio, Singapore 338987
Opens Thursday - Friday,  5.30pm – 10.30pm,
and Saturday - Sunday, 11.30am – 10.30pm

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Andaman Free-Form Pasta Bowl 
Charcoal Grill Oval Platter
Terracotta Flat Bottom Plate (extended collection)
Round 18cm Plate in a matte pink glaze with light white splatters (extended collection)
Round 18cm Plate in a matte aqua blue glaze (extended collection)

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