15cm Free Form Pastry Plate


Are you team cookies or pastries? A little treat with your coffee or tea is a must-have for those of us with an afternoon sweet craving.  Our 15cm Free Form Pastry Plates hold just the right portion to tide you over until dinner time.

Sii Chompuu
Featuring a matte, pastel pink glaze in a matte finish and an exposed rim, Sii Chompuu, meaning 'pink' in Thai, is named for the tropical rose apple, also known as chompuu in Thailand and more commonly, jambu, in Singapore.

Sii Faa

Inspired by vast cloudless skies, Sii Faa, meaning 'sky blue' in Thai, is a matte, light blue glaze with a constellation of speckles and an exposed rim. A popular pastel hue for fresh dinner or brunch settings.

Satay artfully combines a semi-matte, lightly off-white base with a crackled, iridescent border of caramel and gold tones. An elegant yet earthy option that pairs well naturally with Charcoal Grill. We always mix and match the two on our own table.

Inspired by the majestic limestone karsts of Southern Thailand, Karst is a deep, moody palette of shadowy green — a dynamic tone that, like wild moss on the jagged cliff faces of karst landscapes, takes on different hues as the light changes. This dramatic greyish green colour pairs easily with all of our other collections. For adventurers.

Blue Crab
Blue Crab pays tribute to squirmy live swimmer crabs, bought directly from fishermen in weathered, wooden boats: frosted with their distinctive blue claws. This deep matte ocean blue collection is tantalizing treat for everyone at the table.

Bangkok Nights
Spontaneous Bangkok Nights: unpredictable, extravagant and always shining bright.  This high gloss black base glaze comes alive with blooms of cerulean blue and subtle green undertones.

Inspired by vibrant citrus groves, and the signature Southeast Asian flavour, lush, green Makrut is an irresistible statement colour.  The soft matte finish is a natural way to add a pop of colour for those ready to expand away from classic neutral tones.


Diameter: 15cm
Dishwasher, microwave, and food-safe

Our ceramic collection is handmade by artisans in Thailand. Every item is beautiful in its uniqueness.