Ayutthaya Serving Spoon


Honouring the preserved traditions of hand-forged metalwork in the ancient capital city, our Ayutthaya Collection brings luxury artisanal craft to the modern table.  Each handle is twisted with smoothly textured pound-marks and a teardrop end, providing a beautiful balance to each piece. Polished to a timeless shine for the most elegant of table settings. Available in Polished Gold, and Polished Steel.

A sophisticated solution to plating up joy around the table.  Our hand-foraged serving spoons bridge the dining experience from your bespoke KRA tableware to the loving act of serving nourishing food those you cherish. Weighty, durable and modern, these mid-sized serving spoons are perfect for serving curries, side dishes, or desserts in style.  

Polished Steel: Stainless steel
Polished Gold: Titanium-plated stainless steel

Length: 23cm
Scoop Width: 5.5cm

Care Instructions: Avoid harsh abrasions when cleaning.
Dishwasher and food-safe

Hand-forged in Thailand.