Ayutthaya Teaspoon


Honouring the preserved traditions of hand-forged metalwork in the ancient capital city, our Ayutthaya Collection brings luxury artisanal craft to the modern table.  Each handle is twisted with smoothly textured pound-marks and a teardrop end, providing a beautiful balance to each piece. Polished to a timeless shine for the most elegant of table settings. Available in Polished Gold, Polished Steel and Matte Black with polished ends. 

Delicately designed to swirl through your morning drink. Our Teaspoon is the perfect size for stirring sugar or milk into your morning cup of coffee, or scoop seasonings from little small jars. Pairs well with our ceramic Cup and Coaster Sets for a delicious dose of caffeine. 

Polished Steel: Stainless steel

Length: 13cm

Care Instructions: Avoid harsh abrasions when cleaning. See further recommendations for maintaining matte black collection.
Dishwasher and food-safe

Hand-forged in Thailand.