The Impression Set

$42.00 $49.00

A limited edition collaboration between artists.

Signature KRA handcrafted ceramics with the impression of artist Elizabeth Marlow, By Fable.

An organically shaped oval tray features the luxurious sweep of a single Indian ink stroke, synonymous with the By Fable collection.  Paired with a petit black saucer to hold trinkets, pastries or artist supplies of your own.

Packaged in a pure black luxury box, ready for gifting.

Oval tray 19.5cm x 13cm
Saucer 11cm diameter

Dishwasher, microwave, and food-safe

Our ceramic collection is handmade by artisans in Thailand. Every item is beautiful in its uniqueness.

About the artist:

By Fable is a boutique art and design studio specialising in ink illustrations, art, stationery and homewares that all capture the profound beauty of simplicity. 

All artwork and design is created by Elizabeth Marlow - a British artist, illustrator, and designer whose work has been seen on the pages of publications such as Elle Decoration and Vogue. 

By Fable’s signature aesthetic embraces simplicity and the interplay of negative and positive space. In a world often overwhelmed by complexity and noise, By Fable’s creations serve as a refreshing oasis—a visual reminder that true beauty can be found in the unadorned, in the essential.