Winnie Cutlery Set (20pc set)

$169.00 $244.80

Whether you’re ordering in, or showing off your cooking skills to friends, our weighty, hand-forged Flatware Dining Set polishes every home dining experience.  Well balanced and stylish, our twenty-piece set ensures a consistent aesthetic to your meals, from breakfast through dessert.

This 20-piece set includes 4 of each: Dinner Fork, Dinner Spoon, Dinner Knife, Dessert Fork and Dessert Spoon.

Dinner Knife: 20.5cm
Dinner Fork: 19.5cm
Dinner Spoon: 19cm
Dessert Fork: 17cm
Dessert Spoon: 16cm

Polished Steel: Stainless steel

Care Instructions: Avoid harsh abrasions when cleaning.
Dishwasher and food-safe

Hand-forged in Thailand.