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Karst Colour Guide

Karst Colour Guide

Inspired by the stunning limestone karsts of Southern Thailand, Karst's earthy green tones bring a rustic and relaxed feel to your dining table. Don't be fooled by its deep, dark, and dramatic appearance — styling with this versatile glaze is equally laid-back. 

Using Karst on the table is similar to using foliage in a floral arrangement: think of it as a brilliant neutral to create depth and contrast for a more balanced look. Pair with lighter neutrals for a subtle touch of colour, or mix seamlessly with other colours for something more punchy. With its ability to complement anything and everything, it's no wonder Karst is a reliable staple for everyday use.


Discover how to style your table your table with the Karst dining ware collection. Browse our gallery below for pairing ideas, and read our styling guide for tips to elevate your dining experience.

Karst and Andaman

Featured: Karst Flat Dinner Plate, Andaman Small Spoon, and Andaman Sauce Dish

Karst and Talay

Featured: (L) Karst Soup Spoon, Talay Noodle Bowl, and Talay Shell Pinch Pot, (R) Karst Soup Spoon, Karst Square Snack Bowl, and Talay Square Snack Bowl

Karst and Charcoal Grill

Featured: Karst Flat Dinner Plate and Charcoal Grill Free-Form Soup Bowl

Karst and Lanna

Featured: (L) Karst Free-Form Pasta Bowl and Lanna Flat Dinner Plate, (R) Karst Flat Dinner Plate, Lanna Flat Side Plate, Bangkok Dinner Spoon in Brushed Steel, and Bangkok Dinner Fork in Brushed Steel

Karst and Sii Chompuu

Featured: (L) Karst Flat Dinner Plate, Karst Flat Side PlateKarst Everyday Rice BowlKarst Soup Spoon, (R) Sii Chompuu Free-Form Dinner Plate, Sii Chompuu Free-Form Side Plate

Karst and Satay

Featured: (L) Karst Flat Dinner Plate, Satay Free-Form Soup Bowl, and Ayutthaya Dinner Fork in Polished Gold, (R) Karst Flat Dinner Plate, Karst Flat Side Plate, Satay Shell Dipping Dish, Ayutthaya Dinner Fork in Polished Gold, and Ayutthaya Dinner Spoon in Polished Gold

Karst and Sii Faa

Featured: Karst Free-Form Soup Bowl, Karst Free-Form Coffee Mug, Karst Oval Platter, Karst Soup Spoon, Sii Faa Free-Form Salad Bowl, Sii Faa Everyday Platter, Sii Faa Shell Dipping Dish, Sii Faa Free-Form Soup Bowl